KAME-KICHI's value goes beyond our prices. We beat the market in service too!

Watches track the passage of time, collecting memories. As such, they're priceless to their owner. Your watch should be properly appreciated as an asset, no matter its value. Our philosophy is: "We will not be beaten in value or service." Tracking market fluctuations avidly, we aspire to be the most considerate and best-presented watch buyers and sellers around. KAME-KICHI guarantees the best watch evaluations, day-in and day-out.

If you ever want trade in your watch or evaluate your collection, be sure to visit KAME-KICHI for top-tier consultation.

Commitment-free evaluations welcome!
Extremely quick evaluations!
No waiting for payments!

Why are our evaluation estimates so high?

-Because we're also specialty watch dealers!-

Our motto is: "The lowest prices for new products, the highest payouts for trade-ins." KAME-KICHI is proud to have outstanding product turnover in the watch industry.

Most watch stores only purchase used goods for resale, which means they're limited to buybacks at prices according to store sales. This is why evaluation estimates differ between stores.

-Trade-ins and buybacks are offered the same value! We always give the best price.-

How often do you see this kind of advertising and marketing?

banner example
banner example

Phrases like "New special offer! Extra 5% on the purchase price and 10,000 yen extra!" and "XX extra for trade-ins!"

Many stores offer a higher rate to customers who are trading in watches to purchase a new one, compared to the rate for a simple buyback. That's rather convenient for the store, don't you think? From the outset, we want you to know that there is no difference in our prices for customers looking to sell and those looking to trade in. We determine each watch's real value and offer a much more satisfying price than other stores.

No matter how many conditions are stipulated, in the end, it's important to know that the store makes the final decision and price offer! Compare our prices with everyone else? we will not be beat!

-Number 1 in Nakano, Tokyo, Shinsaibashi, Osaka and all competitive marketplaces!-

Over the past several years in our founding location of Nakano, Tokyo (and especially within Nakano Broadway), we've seen over 10 buyback stores pop up right next to each other. Shinsaibashi, Osaka is also one of Japan's greatest centers of fashion and culture. Nakano and Shinsaibashi have the highest concentration of buyback stores in one place! Naturally, this fierce competition entails many benefits for our customers. We proudly have over 20 years of experience as a leading brand watch specialty store amidst this competition.

What You Need for a Buyback
A watch, its accessories (box, warranty, repair specifications, etc.) and personal identification.

Examples of personal identification:
Passport, Driver's license, Health insurance card, Basic resident registration card (with photo), Alien registration certificate, Resident card, Special permanent resident registration certificate, Other card or certificate that has a current address at time of buyback.
A copy of the card or certificate will be taken upon buyback.

Please note:

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